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Dental Veneer FAQs

Are you uncomfortable showing off your smile because you have teeth that are chipped, stained, misaligned, or crooked? You might want to consider getting dental veneers. Here, our Nanaimo dentists answer common FAQs about this method of cosmetic dental treatment.

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12 Tips for Wearing Clear Aligners From Our Dentists

Today, our Nanaimo dentists share 12 tips on how you can get the most out of your treatment with clear aligners.

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Cosmetic Dental Care & Your Oral Health

Cosmetic dental care does more than just improve the appearance of your smile. In this post, our Nanaimo dentists discuss these procedures and how they could help your oral hygiene. 

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How Much Will My Teeth Hurt When Using Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Today our dentists in Nanaimo share the reasons why your teeth may hurt a little while you are being treated with Invisalign clear aligners and how you can manage any pain you might feel at home. 

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How To Care For Dental Veneers

Veneers give you a fairly fast and long-lasting fix for stained, misaligned, chipped, or irregularly shaped teeth. These could be a great way to help shape the appearance of your smile. Today, our Nanaimo dentists explain how you can take care of your dental veneers. 

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5 Ways Invisalign Can Change Your Smile

Here, our dentists in Nanaimo share what you can expect before, during, and after your treatment with Invisalign clear aligners and how they can help straighten your smile.

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